BMW Has Plans For Self-Valeting Cars, Bringing First Example to CES 2015

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Advanced models will also steal the change out of your center console.

Gearheads are, as a general rule, fairly opposed to the idea of autonomous cars. Those of us who like driving, would no more like something that takes this experience away from us than we would like something that would eat our pizza, or sleep with our girlfriends. But you would have to really love driving if you find looking for a parking space in a crowded multistory garage to be anything other than tedious. Thankfully, BMW is working on a solution.

The Remote Valet Parking Assistant will not only go off and find a parking space on its own without any assistance, it will also come back to the spot where you left it when called. BMW will be bringing an i3 equipped with this system to CES 2015 to show it off, and is expected to be in production cars by 2020. The system does not use GPS, as this depends on an external signal, and instead has a whole array of sensors (there are lasers) to work out where it is. The car can currently only be recalled via Smart Watch, but we expect that to change for production, since that's stupid.

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