BMW Has Thousands Of Backed Up Orders And Anxious Customers

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It's not exactly a bad problem to have.

BMW's main production facility in Munich, Germany is back to full capacity following a nearly two-month shutdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. Other plants in the country are expected to be back in normal operational mode in the new several days. Clearly this is great news because there are thousands of backed up orders that must be filled because anxious customers are waiting.

German publication Automobilwoche reports domestic BMW factories will return to the pre-pandemic two-shift operation. Since mid-May, they've been running single shifts only. Now, the Munich plant is building nearly 1,000 new vehicles per day, including the BMW 3 Series and, in the very near future, the latest-generation BMW 4 Series.

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In fact, production at the Munich plant is already fully booked for all of this month and despite its vast production capabilities, it's still unable to process every single customer order.

Those orders began arriving in mid-March and there's now a total of 14,000 orders from Germany alone to fill. Some of them may end up being pushed to July because there's no other choice. Despite the busy summer production schedule, BMW still remains cautious about the economic recovery. The surge in production demand may not last once those orders have been handled and this requires planning for several different potential scenarios.


The last thing BMW (or any automaker) wants is not to have vehicles to build due to a lack of customers because of a greater economic fallout. In the US, the Spartanburg, South Carolina facility is the largest BMW plant in the world, home to all of the SUVs save for the BMW X1 and X2.

It restarted production last month, but it too must remain cautious regarding potential overproduction. Filling backed up orders is one thing but building more vehicles than BMW can sell if there's a more severe future economic downturn is another matter entirely. It's not a situation BMW (or any automaker) wants to be in. For now, BMW is simply thrilled its German plants are being kept busy through the summer.

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Source Credits: Automobilwoche

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