BMW Heading Forward with FWD-Only Models

Leaving RWD behind for over a dozen new Mini and BMW models.

Starting with its upcoming European 2-Series ActiveTourer, BMW is planning to launch 15 new Mini and BMW front-wheel-drive-only models.Don’t be alarmed, though: these models will come in addition to 30rear-wheel drive models already offered or planned for future production by thecompany. Among the 15 FWD models, at least five will be BMWs, beginning withthe small CUV/station wagon/whatever-it may-be 2-Series Active Tourer, set for itsEuropean unveiling in Geneva next month.

Like the Active Tourer, it isn’t clear if, and-when, any or allof these front-wheel drive models will reach American soil. The Tourer isearmarked mostly for European markets, but BMW says it may arrive in the US andAsia later on. They also promise that despite its drivetrain, the car will beall-BMW, delivering the “dynamism and athleticism” expected from the brand. Detailsabout this model, and the other 14 FWD-ers, are still vague, but the ActiveTourer Outdoor concept was described as a plug-in hybrid, poweredby a 1.5-liter gasoline engine and electric motor with lithium-ion battery. We’llstill opt for a RWD M4, thanks.

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