BMW Hints At Upcoming 4 Series Special Editions

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Could we see some interesting colors make a return?

As a company, BMW has a rather checkered history with regards to color options. For an automaker that offers one of the most expansive and vibrant lineups of individual paint colors, most of the standard paint choices are pretty reserved. Take the recently-revealed 2021 BMW 4 Series as the perfect example. The base 430i model only offers Alpine White and Jet Black as standard paints while any actual color costs extra.

We asked BMW 3 Series and 4 Series Product Manager, John Quinn, if he expects any exciting new additions to be added to the color palette. "We are always evaluating color and what kind of impulses we can put into the car," Quinn responded.


"We try to offer as many colors as possible to our customers where we see demand," Quinn explained. "Black, white, and gray are the highest take-rate colors. The colors like Snapper Rocks Blue (a former 4 Series hue) and the other 'more colorful' hues have a pretty low take-rate, which is kind of surprising."

So if you ever wonder why a BMW dealership lot looks like a black and white photograph devoid of any color, blame the customers, not the company.

"We still attempt to put out colors that do justice to the car's design and are eye-catching," he added. "In terms of other colors, we are always looking at doing special editions of cars to see how we can negotiate with our colleagues in Germany to put out some unique builds. I would look out for some of those in the coming years."

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Quinn told CarBuzz these special editions would be "in a limited quantity" and will be very "enthusiast-oriented." BMW debuted the 4 Series in Arctic Race Blue Metallic (pictured above), which is a fairly conservative color. But Quinn's remarks left open the possibility for more vibrant hues, possibly from the company's past, being reintroduced as special editions.

Perhaps famous colors like Laguna Seca Blue and Dakar Yellow could make a comeback. We predict the upcoming BMW M4 will arrive with some brighter hues. The previous M4 was available in bright colors such as Yas Marina Blue and Austin Yellow. There's always the Individual program for customers who want something more unique outside of the standard color choices.

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