BMW i3 Buyers Will Plug-In and Wait for Delivery

US sales start in May, and 1,200 orders have already been placed.

BMW’s funky-looking electric-powered car has been selling likebatteries before a hurricane, according to company reports. The compactelectric vehicle is expected in America this coming May, but has been available in Europe since last November where it has been selling like crazy. The car willalso go on sale in Asia towards the middle of this year. So far, the BMW has received 11,000 worldwide orders for the i3, with over 1,200 coming from the US.

With so much demand, BMW says customers willhave to wait up to six months prior to delivery. The i3 gets its power from a168-horsepower, rear-mounted electric motor. Though it looks like an angryrefrigerator, the EV should be good for 0-62 mph times of less than eightseconds. It should be priced at approximately $41,000. These reports follow BMW’sannouncement last week, saying that the i3 and upcoming i8 models would not bejoined by additional electric vehicles for the time being. This deflected somemajor rumors regarding an upcoming i5.

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