BMW i3 Coming July 29

The first from BMW’s all-electric range will make its production-ready debut at the end of the month.

Two years to the day BMW debuted the i3 Concept, the carmaker will officially unveil the final production version of the electric car on July 29. To build some hype, BMW has revealed this very odd teaser video that asks viewers to learn the German word “Vorfreude.” Before you rush to open Google translate, we’ll tell you it means “anticipation.” However, there’s not much to anticipate. The car has been well documented and from the brief silhouette of the EV it appears the production variant will ape the concept very closely.

The first of BMW’s i-family (to be followed by the i8 supercar at Frankfurt in September), the i3 will be offered with a 168hp all-electric powertrain and a plug-in range-extender called the REx.

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