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BMW i3 is an Angry Golf Cart on the Track

What sort of owner would take it to the track to begin with?

Sure it’s got plenty of instant torque thanks to its battery-powered motor, but the BMW i3 ain’t exactly most peoples’ vision of a fast track car. That isn't stopping BMW from trying hard to get us to see it as one. It’s an honest effort, but isn’t the i8 meant to be BMW's high-performance, uber high-tech German street and track wonder? Regardless, BMW has just released this video showcasing the i3 performing a hot lap, and it looks like an angry golf cart as it twists its way through the turns.

BMW says that "when you see the i3 blow by you in silence, you won’t believe your eyes – or ears." Yeah, well, we all prefer the gurgling sound of an inline-six or V8 over an oversized cell phone battery. Hell, even a turbo four pot has more emotion. Just saying BMW, just saying.

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