BMW i4 Concept to Debut in LA?

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A sportier version of the upcoming BMW i3 EV may appear in concept form later this month at LA. But is the EV market ready for such an onslaught?

BMW has big plans for its "i" car lineup. It's already showcased both the i3 electric city car and i8 electric sportscar concepts, but now reports indicate that it will unveil an i4 concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month. The third car in the sub-brand's range will be unveiled before the first two have even reached showrooms. Citing French publication L'Automobile, Autoblog Green says that an i4 concept will likely be a sportier version of the four-door i3 with a sticker price above $50,000.


Likely to arrive in production form next year, the i3 could have as much as 170 horsepower from its all-electric powertrain. The i4 could offer more power, or employ the same motor as its kid brother. The ambitious expansion of the i range could, however, prove more than BMW could handle. Rival Audi was forced to reconsider its electric vehicle strategy recently in the face of rising costs and a possible downturn in potential demand, and BMW is looking at the same issues.

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