BMW i5 Will Come In Three Flavors To Fight Mercedes EQE

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Like the smaller i4, the all-electric midsize sedan will be available as an eDrive40 and M50.

For nearly 50 years, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have battled for supremacy in the now-dwindling midsize luxury segment. But as we head toward an electrified future, both brands have adapted the iconic offerings to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. With the next-generation 5er on the way, BMW will rely heavily on electrified models to bolster the ICE alternatives and fight Mercedes' EV offerings.

The battery-powered version of the 5 Series will reportedly boast three powertrain options. This is according to BMW Blog, which notes the i5 will be offered as an eDrive40, xDrive40, and i5 M50. While technical details are yet to be disclosed, we expect the upcoming BMW to offer similar power outputs to the smaller i4, which is currently offered with the same choices.

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In the i4, the base model eDrive 40 produces 355 horsepower while the sportier M50 derivative has 536 hp. Currently, there is no entry-level xDrive derivative for the i4, but sources have told the publication that the i5 will be offered as an xDrive40, utilizing a motor on each axle. This could mean the all-wheel-drive model may be more powerful.

The range-topping i5 M50 will most likely have dual electric motors (as is the case with the i4 M50) to give the all-electric sports sedan some exciting performance. Again, BMW is yet to reveal any official figures, but expect the i5's travel range to match or better the i4. While the high-performance M50 will very likely have a reduced range, it's unlikely BMW wouldn't allow for at least 300 miles of estimated range for the base model.

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Wagon fans can rejoice as sources also revealed the brand is interested in the idea of creating an i5 Touring. As with BMW wagons of years gone by, the drivetrain choices will likely mimic the options in the sedan. In the US, the only all-electric long-roof is the incredible Taycan Cross Turismo. BMW's proposed idea would certainly give Porsche a run for its money and may trigger Tesla to consider creating these gorgeous renderings.

The i5 will join BMW's growing range of electric cars, which includes the aforementioned i4 and iX luxury SUV. In the coming years, an i7 and iX7 will also join the range as BMW looks to grow as an electric carmaker. But if the CEO's latest statement is anything to go by, the Munich-based brand will hopefully be building ICE engines for many years to come.

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2022 BMW i4 Front Angle View
2022 BMW i4 Rear Angle View
2022-2023 BMW iX Front-End View
2022-2023 BMW iX Aft View
Source Credits: BMW Blog

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