BMW i8 Goes Hard at the Ring with Test Drives Imminent

Look forward to some proper reviews in the very near future.

It debuted in concept form back in 2009 and the production car was unveiled last September. Yet, we are still awaiting a proper review of the all-new plug-in hybrid BMW i8. So what's the hold up? There's no definitive answer but this video of BMW's low-slung hybrid halo shows you that it's still not 100 percent ready for the likes of Chris Harris to flog it around a racetrack. Captured here at the Nurburgring, the car's turbocharged three-cylinder engine doesn't sound half-bad. Shame the brakes weren't up to the task.

Apparently the i8 suffered from a minor brake issue and the guys that shot the video said it was parked up for a while as the driver attempted to breathe new life into them. Hopefully BMW is ironing out small issues with the car, and the i8 will soon be presented to the press.

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