BMW i8 Makes Video Game Debut In Forza Horizon 3

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Can't afford a BMW i8? Take one for a virtual test drive in Forza Horizon 3.

Video games are a great form of escapism. For gearheads, racing games fulfill the fantasy of owning exotic supercars you'll probably never be able to afford in real life. Take the popular open world racer Forza Horizon 3, which gives you a dream garage of over 350 cars, with everything from the Lamborghini Centenario cover car star, to the ridiculous Reliant Regal three-wheeler. Its ever-growing car list has just been expanded thanks to the release of a new car pack.

Called the Rockstar Energy Drink Pack, seven new vehicles have joined Forza Horizon 3's car roster – including the BMW i8 hybrid, which makes its video game debut. True to form, this car pack caters for all tastes with an eclectic selection of track cars, sports cars and off-roaders. Car enthusiasts will revel at the inclusion of the R31 Nissan Skyline and the Volvo V60, while those with more refined tastes will have a blast in the Bentley Bentayga SUV, which also makes its first appearance in a racing game. There's also a Ford Trophy truck perfect for handling dunes, as well as a Radical RXC Turbo track car – finally, the Ariel Atom V8 has a suitable rival.

And being set in Australia, it comes as no surprise to find the 1972 Ford Falcon XA GT-HO complete the line-up. You can pick up the Rockstar Energy Pack as part of the Forza Horizon 3 Car Pass, or it can be purchased separately. Alternatively, if a few specific rides take your fancy, they can be purchased individually. Which car do you want to tear up the Australian asphalt in the most?

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