BMW i8 Owners Might Think They're Better Than You, But Recall Notices Are on the Way

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That will wipe the smug grins of their faces.

BMW is looking to solve its 18-month waiting list for the i8 by increasing demand of the plug-in hybrid sports car. Since going on sale in the US in August, the German carmaker has sold 397 BMW i8 coupes. However, while the owners are probably driving around with massive grins on their faces, happy in the knowledge they are better than everyone else, half of them will soon receive recall notices.

223 cars built between May 16 and September 16 have a problem that could cause a fire. Which, as we know, is never good. Notifying the NHTSA BMW said "a bolt used to attach and secure the vehicle's fuel tank to the vehicle chassis may not have properly welded during manufacturing. An inadequate weld of the bolt to the fuel tank could cause a fuel leak. In the presence of an ignition source, a fuel leak could cause a vehicle fire." After the necessary inspections, affected cars that show evidence of the problem will be fitted with new fuel tanks.

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