BMW i8 Production Model Speculatively Rendered

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Official pictures of the production ready BMW i8 are being eagerly awaited.

It won't be long before the hybrid supercar is seen on the streets, but while BMW apply the finishing touches to the i8 we'll have to make do with spy shots and renderings. Compared to the i8 concept recently unveiled at various motor shows and to the test mules spotted testing in Sweden recently, the rendered car sports a shorter wheelbase and overall length in order to accentuate its sporty looks. No doubt the official design will be considerably toned down by the automaker.

To recap, the i8 concept combines two drive systems: an electric motor and internal combustion engine (mounted at the rear), which combine to produce up to 354hp and around 80mpg; 0-62mph comes in at under five seconds. The production BMW i8 is expected to debut at the start of 2014, and be priced around the $160,000 mark.

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