BMW i8 Roadster Becomes Carbon-Obsessed Masterpiece

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It no longer looks like a tame little toy.

If you're very up-to-date with all things aftermarket, you may have heard of Creative Bespoke. In the past, it has created a Lamborghini with almost 990 horsepower and turned the Bentley Bentayga into an aggressive monster that would look perfectly at home in a hip-hop music video. But what about the BMW i8? This is a car with styling that looks futuristic but a little tame. While Alpina abandoned its plans to upgrade the hybrid sports car, Creative Bespoke has a little more leeway when it comes to building cars, and the result is the spectacular machine you see below.

Creative Bespoke Creative Bespoke Creative Bespoke Creative Bespoke

As you can probably tell, the car has been lowered on H&R sport springs and has been fitted with 22-inch forged wheels in a satin bronze finish. It also sports an FI exhaust system and has been tuned for more power - although final performance figures have been withheld. What really makes this roadster stand out though is its full carbon fiber aero package, which includes an aggressive front lip that leads up to the headlights, a massive rear diffuser, a rear wing, side skirt extensions, and canards. According to the listing on Creative Bespoke's website, over $50,000 has been spent on this car, and as you can guess, it's for sale.

Creative Bespoke Creative Bespoke Creative Bespoke Creative Bespoke

The listing says that this car has covered only 11,000 miles with one owner and has the full factory warranty in place. So what's it going to cost you? $139,800. That's a lot of money, but also something of a bargain. After all, a brand new i8 Roadster would set you back well over $160,000, and it wouldn't look anything as wild as this car. It would be nice to get an idea of what the ECU tune has accomplished, and we'd like to hear this thing go with its new exhaust, but even without getting to experience those aspects of this tuned i8, we're in love. Donations welcome.

Creative Bespoke Creative Bespoke Creative Bespoke Creative Bespoke

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