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BMW Introduces xDrive Alternative to Heresy of 2 Series Active Tourer's FWD

The FWD versions aren't going away, they're just no longer the only option.

BMW has thus far been a brand devoted to rear-wheel-drive. Sure, there have been AWD options, but the cars are fundamentally built with RWD in mind. So it caused quite a stir amongst purists when the 2-Series Active Tourer was launched with FWD as the only option, a first for the Bavarians. Well, now BMW has announced that a version of the xDrive AWD system, originally developed for use in Mini-badged vehicles, will be made available.

FWD will still be used in the base model, but this does mean that the AWD option should be available right from the start of the US launch, expected late next year or early 2016.

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