BMW is Already Planning a More Hardcore M4

You just knew they would. It was bound to happen.

Although it’s not scheduled to have its official debut until January at Detroit, a source at BMW’s M division has hinted that a more hardcore version of the all-new M4 is already underway. The overall concept is apparently quite similar to the previous E92 M3 GTS track edition. Power will still come from the new twin-turbo straight-six that’ll produce 430 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. Inside, weight will be reduced thanks to a stripped cabin consisting of bucket racing seats, a roll cage, plus liberal doses of carbon-fiber and Alcantara trim.

M engineers will also likely utilize carbon fiber reinforced plastic for many of the car’s body panels. Ironically, that technology will be taken directly from the i3 electric car. Also expect to see the M4 GTS (no word on an official name just yet) to have a regular carbon-fiber hood and trunk lid. All told, the source claims that weight will be down by some 220 lbs. The regular M4 will tip the scales at a little less than 3,300 lbs. The only transmission that will likely be offered is a six-speed manual. So when is the M4 GTS going to debut? Possibly for BMW’s 100th birthday in 2016.

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