BMW Is Building A New M4 To Silence Mustang GT350 Fanboys


Finally we get a car to slot between the M4 and M4 GTS.

The BMW M4 is a bi-polar car down to its core. Not only does it have the duality of being a comfortable cruiser for everyday commutes while ripping its tires apart on the track, but it only comes in two flavors: M4 and M4 GTS. The standard M4 costs $65,000 and comes out of the BMW factory in droves while the M4 GTS costs $161,972 and is more expensive than the i8. Oh yeah, and only 700 examples of the water-injected GTS will ever be made. Luckily, BMW has recently realized just how ridiculous the gap between the two cars is.

To remedy things, the Bavarians have announced that middle child between the M4 and M4 GTS is coming. This version will be called the M4 CS, short for “Club Sport.” According to BMW, it will come with anywhere between 431 and 500 horsepower, have backseats (unlike the GTS), and come standard with unique 20-inch alloy wheels. Other goodies include an adaptive M chassis, carbon-ceramic brakes, a rear spoiler, carbon fiber reinforced plastic exterior elements, and new seats. Power will emerge out the rear wheels through a seven-speed DKG double-clutch transmission. It seems as if the car will be closer to GTS than M4 because BMW has said that the car should essentially be a GTS that has taken etiquette courses in school.

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If this means it can hit the grocery store and smoke a standard M4, then it sounds like the perfect car for BMW. After all, M fans are probably disappointed by the fact that a car like the Mustang GT350 is cheaper than the M4 and offers performance that can beat it. A middle ground between the two would offer a car that can compete in a segment that has ever-higher standards. So far, BMW has only given us a single teaser image but expect to see more details emerge in the coming weeks ahead of a debut late in 2016.