BMW Is Building An M2 Gran Coupe And This Is How We Think It Will Look

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BMW, you the real MVP for hooking up fans on your own tab.

In case you missed the news, BMW is proving that it cares more about its fans than its bottom line by deciding to build what is sure to become the hottest selling M car ever, an M2 Gran Coupe. Gearheads who missed the supple handling characteristics and the bloat-free styling of the E46 3 Series have gravitated towards the 2 Series, a car that recalls some of the characteristics that made BMW's the driver's car of choice for millions.

Given that the current M2 is nearly identical to the M4 in terms of performance characteristics, there really is no reason to buy the more expensive M car. When the M2 Gran Coupe hits the streets in 2019, sales of the M3 are sure to suffer in the same way, much to fan's delight. Instead of making the smallest four-door M another model entirely, it will use the Gran Coupe name and styling that debuted on the 6 Series. That experiment went well because the 6 Series Gran Coupe remains one of the best looking BMWs to date. The styling trend migrated downwards to the 4 Series, helping that model line sell as strongly as the 3 Series and supporting a full 20% of BMW sales.

That's why when BMW announced that the curvaceous lines of the coupe would gain the functionality and good looks of the other Gran Coupes, we were more than happy. Then we realized it would get an M badge too and our heads may as well have exploded. How is any BMW fan supposed to wait until 2019 to lay eyes on such a car? Well fear not because our very own rendering artist has gone to work adding two doors to the M2 and yielding the results we see here. With a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six spitting 365 horsepower from the rear tires, onlookers should be reminded to take pictures quickly because the car should vanish into the horizon with a 0-60 mph time of 4.4 seconds. Now if only we could get our hands on a time machineā€¦

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