BMW Is Finally Doing Something About Meeting i8 Demand

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Like building more.

On the one hand, the BMW i8 is enjoying mass praise from both the media and driving public because, well, it's exceeded expectations. Many have described it as the blueprint for future high-performance sports cars. Others have heralded it due to its extensive use of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials. And despite its $136,650 base price, BMW simply couldn't meet buyer demand. There's actually a four month waiting list. Not bad at all for a car powered by two electric motors and a turbocharged three-cylinder engine.

But combined that's a total of 357 hp and a 0-60 mph time faster than an M3's. See why demand is so high? And now BMW has announced, according to Automotive News Europe, that it has doubled i8 production at its plant in Leipzig, Germany. That's means 20 BMW i8s per day will now roll off the line. Will that production boost satisfy demand? Probably not completely, but BMW does want to keep the i8 exclusive.

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