BMW Is Going To Build An All-Electric i8 But It's Supposed To Be A Secret

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Well, not anymore.

Without question the BMW i8 has been a huge success for the German automaker. It's essentially a blueprint as to how future sports car can balance high-performance while still keeping emissions in check. But could it get even better? Could the influence of Tesla and advancements in EV tech make the i8 obsolete before BMW intended? Perhaps, and that's why, according to Autocar, BMW's i division is planning to build a secret, all-electric i8 prototype.

Ditching the gas-electric hybrid powertrain for a "significantly larger batter and a trio of new high-revving electric motors," the test car will be built using the carbon fiber structure seen on the division's fuel cell prototype vehicle from last year. That car ran on hydrogen and, because of which, featured a series of cylindrical tanks to stow the substance. "The idea is to use the space within the widened centre (sic) tunnel to house the battery instead of the hydrogen tanks," stated a BMW official who's aware of the program's details. The hope is that this prototype EV i8 will weight no more than the production i8 and will achieve a range of more than 249 miles. If this testing proves successful then don't at all be surprised to see the i8's successor go all-electric.

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