BMW Is Making Fun Of Tesla And The Model 3 In Its Newest Ads

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Model 3 fanboys might want to skip these spots.

Not many automakers have taken shots at Tesla, maybe because they fear the quick Twitter fingers of Elon Musk. Ex-GM CEO Bob Lutz fired off some critiques in the company's direction last year, but he's not tied to any car maker and as such can more or less speak freely. However, automakers may now feel free to criticize and poke fun at Tesla thanks to BMW's new ad campaign for its plug-in 3 Series, the 330e. Its new ads for the hybrid take not-so-subtle shots at the upstart EV company.

Both ads mention the long wait time for the Tesla Model 3, although the car and the company behind it are not referenced directly. But the message is clear: Why wait for the Model 3 when you can get a super-green BMW right now?


A guy waiting on his stoop for a Model 3 is a sad sight, but what may be more relatable is someone standing at a charging station waiting for an EV's battery to be full up. The 330e is a plug-in hybrid so you don't need to wait around forever/a few hours for it to be ready to go.

Both ads are tasteful but send a strong message: BMW is going green and is prepared to run over Tesla in a quest for sales. Musk hasn't tweeted a response to the ads yet, but we're pretty sure he has seen them. Now the question becomes will other automakers follow suit and begin targeting Tesla in ads for green cars? The company has proven that it's here to stay, at least for the short term, and these BMW spots prove that it's seen as a threat in the industry.


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