BMW Is Only Going To Build How Many M4 GTS Units Per Day?!


We'll give you a hint: not many.

We knew from the get-go that the upcoming BMW M4 GTS was going to be special with a planned run of just 700 units. Production is set to get underway in March and will end the following December, about one year from now. And according to a new report coming from Dutch publication De Telegraaf, BMW claims that it'll build only five M4 GTS units per day. Built at the same facility as the M6 GT3 and M135i Cup race cars, each M4 GTS will start off as a normal 4 Series before they're sent to that specialized plant.

Power, of course, will come courtesy of the M4's twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six, only now output has been increased to 493 hp and 442 lb-ft of torque, up from 425 hp and 406 lb-ft. How's that possible? Its water injection system, a BMW first. How does it work? Taking into account the fact that water absorbs heat from the surrounding air when it changes phases, water is injected as a fine spray into the intake manifold chamber where it evaporates, which lowers the intake air temperature. That action reduces the final compression temperature in the combustion chamber and allows the turbo engine to operate with higher boost pressure and advanced spark timing.

Voila! There's that extra horsepower. Along with carbon ceramic brakes, an adjustable M coilover suspension, and a titanium exhaust system, M4 GTS allocation is very specific. 300 will go to the US, 50 to Canada, 30 to the UK, and the rest to other countries. First deliveries are expected this summer.

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