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BMW Is Planning On Giving The M2 A Hardcore, Track-Focused Makeover

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The M2 GTS could be the one car to rule them all.

The BMW M2 is plenty of car. The little two-door sends 365 horsepower to the rear wheels and its hoonability has been well documented. But it could always be more hardcore. Take the M4, for example. The M4 GTS is the hardcore track variant and it's been rumored that another version could sit between the two extremes. Apparently BMW is thinking of following the same tried and true formula with the M2, following a German outlet's report that a lighter and more powerful version of the car is on the way.

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Auto Motor und Sport did the original reporting, with BMW Blog transcribing the gist from German. Like other CSL/GTS cars the idea is to strip the M2 out, removing things like sound-deadening materials that don't offer any benefit on the track. Carbon fiber will take the place of as many aluminum and steel components as possible, and there will of course be aero upgrades as well. The engine should see a tune and may just match the M4's. At 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque the twin-turbo inline-six manages to move the 3,500-pound car from zero to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. Imagine what type of damage it could do in a stripped-out M2 built for blistering track times.

If the M2 CSL/GTS does go from rumor to reality it'll be interesting to see how many units are built and what the cost will be. The M4 GTS has a limited production run of just 700 units and each one was priced at $134,200. How much would be asked for a hardcore M2 and how many will be made? BMW is staying quiet on the M2's production run so don't expect that many M2 CSL/GTS models made if, indeed, this report proves to be true.