BMW Is Planning Two All-New Models That Won't Surprise Anyone

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Both were bound to happen eventually.

BMW has never been afraid of tackling (or even creating) new segments. Just look at the enormously successful X6. However, the German automaker does its homework first in order to make a business case and now, according to Automobile Magazine, two new models are in the works. First up will be an all-new luxury four-door coupe that will fit in the slot between the 7 Series and the Rolls-Royce Ghost (remember, RR is owned by BMW). That model will, more than likely, be called the 9 Series.

It'll seat four passengers in absolute luxury and will be based on the same platform as the long-wheelbase 7 Series. It'll be built in relatively low volume and come powered by a six-cylinder plug-in hybrid setup, a twin-turbo V8, or a V12 with a supposed 650 hp. The latter would, more or less, be specifically for the M9. Rolls-Royce is also at work on an all-electric powertrain that could also find its way into the 9 Series at some point The second new BMW will be – drumroll, please – the i6. This will be an all-electric sedan that'll be around the size of the 3 Series. Expect for it to be constructed with lots of carbon fiber components.

It'll be powered by either two or four electric motors and it may even have a new type of battery that's "half as cheap to build as today's batteries but with more than triple the energy capacity." Expect the 9 Series to arrive in early 2020 and the i6 in mid-2020.

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