BMW Is Rushing To Deploy An Absurd 28 New Models By 2021

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The Bavarian automaker has to do what it can to quench this scattered performance, SUV, and electric car demand.

Capitalism has spoiled us for choice, making it so that decreasing costs of production and expanding consumer palate has littered our grocery store shelves with multi-colored foods that are sweet, salty, and everything in between. The recent rise in popularity of luxury cars, a strong auto market, and the increase of platform sharing has led luxury automakers to do the same by expanding their lineups drastically. Following suit, BMW will release 28 new models by 2021, claims Auto Motor Und Sport (via BMW Blog).


The German automotive site got the magical number of 28 models by factoring in refreshed models and special editions in addition to entirely new cars. The newest of the new include vehicles such as the X2, X7, and the 8 Series coupe and convertible. Other noteworthy cars include the upcoming M5, 5 Series Touring, 6 Series Gran Turismo (ugh), M2 GTS, i8 Spyder, and the i5. While the X3 is already around, its replacement, set to come out at the tail end of 2017, will be the first SUV to feature the automaker's CLAR platform on which future models will be based. Unlike the Toyota Supra, the BMW Z5, which will share its platform, will come with rear-wheel drive instead of the Supra's all-wheel drive.

It's worth mentioning that many of these models, such as the i5, have not been confirmed by BMW so it's best to tread cautiously with the given information. Still, if your imagination needs kindling, check out AMS' list of new, special edition, and refreshed models below. BMW 5 Series – February 2017 BMW 5 Series Touring – Summer 2017 BMW i3 S – Summer 2017 BMW 5 Series M Performance – Summer 2017 BMW 6 Series Facelift – Spring 2017 BMW 4 Series Facelift – March 2017 BMW 2 Series Coupé – July 2017 BMW 2 Series Convertible – July 2017 BMW 6 Series GT – 2017

BMW X2 – End of 2017 BMW X3 – End of 2017 BMW X7 – 2018 BMW M5 – 2018 BMW M2 GTS/CS – 2017 BMW M2 Facelift – 2017 BMW Z4 – 2018 BMW X3M – 2018 BMW i8 Spyder – 2018 BMW X1 L – 2018 BMW M4 GT4 – 2018 BMW X4 – 2018 BMW 8 Series Coupé – 2018 BMW 3 Series – 2018/2019 BMW X5 – 2018 BMW 1 Series – 2019 BMW iNext – 2019 BMW 8 Series Convertible – End of 2019 BMW i5 – 2021


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