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BMW Isetta: Still a Toy After 50 Years

It may not fit the modern definition of a BMW, but the Isetta has a charm and personality all of its own.

The Isetta is certainly not a typical BMW car, or any other brand for that matter. There was a brief time when BMW believed that such a small car would appeal to the masses. It didn’t, but the Isetta did create a loyal following. One of those loyalists is a guy named Jack Charney from California. He bought a brand-new 1957 Isetta from the dealership, drove it for several years, and then sold it. Regretting his decision later on, he found himself looking to buy another one.

Sometimes things have a way of working themselves out as Charney ended up finding and buying his old car back. He’s since restored it and enjoys the little toy-like clown car more than ever. So much so that he even knitted himself an Isetta tribute sweater.

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