BMW Isn't Satisfied With 600-HP M5, Already Working On Upgrade


More performance is certain, but could BMW be toying with an M5 CS too?

Follow the auto industry for a significant enough portion of time to see one model replace another and you quickly learn one thing: that there's truth behind John Dalberg-Action's famous quote, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Get a lick of a high horsepower vehicle, and sooner or later you want more power. That's why BMW did its duty of topping off the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 under the hood of the new M5 with a healthy dose of extra horsepower.

However, according to what Road and Track dug out of M Division boss Frank Van Meel, BMW is already thinking about how to outdo the brand spanking new 600 horsepower M5 with a more powerful version. He wasn't asked outright whether or not the M Division would update the new 5er with more power, just if a CS version would be hitting the market. "We don't have an M5 Competition today, so that might be an interesting question first before you look at the CS," replied Van Meel. As you might remember, BMW has been starting to try and get customers to circumvent tuning shops and spend the money in-house with more powerful CS versions of the M4 and soon, the M2.

According to Meel, customers are already asking if BMW will build sporting components for the M5 and sell it under a Competition Package. News on that was more positive, with Van Meel simply saying that the M5 Competition Package could arrive "in the not so far future, theoretically." Sebastian Maier, the product manager for the M3 CS, said that the M Division already has a Competition Package car in the pipeline, claiming it's "closer than you'd think." If BMW is to build an M5 CS, it would begin by releasing the Competition Package first, especially when considering that some markets equip 80% of their M3s and M4s with the Competition Package.


If demand holds strong, BMW will likely comply and build the M5 CS. Don't however, hold your breath for an M5 CSL as it would be near impossible to fit a roll cage in the M5 and preserve its status as a daily drivable sedan.


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