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BMW (Kind Of) Announces Production-Spec Z4 Will Debut At Pebble Beach

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The all-new M850i and M8 Gran Coupe Concept will also be making their North American debuts.

We figured this was a very likely possibility and now it's been confirmed, for the most part. BMW has just announced it will unveil a world premiere production car next month at Pebble Beach during Monterey Car Week. A press conference will be held on Thursday, August 23 at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Reviewing Stand. Not only will the new M850i Coupe and Concept M8 Gran Coupe be making their North American debuts, but also something else: the next generation Z4 roadster in its full production glory.

However, BMW does not explicitly state the new Z4 will be the "world premiere," but it's a very fair assumption given past statements and direct hints from a few BMW executives. Also, it was at Pebble Beach last August when the stunning Z4 Concept debuted for the world to see, so it makes complete sense for the production version to do the same exactly a year later. Another clear indicator of the Z4's very likely reveal is the fact that BMW President and CEO of North America, Bernhard Kuhnt, will be one of the speakers, along with BMW Design Head Jozef Kaban.

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Having the new 8 Series Coupe and M8 Gran Coupe Concept make an appearance is also no mistake given that both are part of the flagship 8 Series. Pebble Beach draws an extremely wealthy crowd, many of whom will be anxious to see the reborn 8 Series in the flesh for the first time. If it's out of one's budget, then the all-new Z4 will be there as an alternative.