BMW Launches Mini Series To Teach You How To Properly Drift

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Rear-wheel drive needed.

The Germans are a funny lot because despite the squeaky clean image (save for all that World War II stuff), Europe's economic powerhouse likes to let its freak flag fly once the blinds are drawn. This habit is best embodied in BMW's lot of M cars, which do a great job of keeping up the innocent appearances of the early riser with a modest bed time while supplying balanced chassis that enjoy bouts of oversteer and plenty of horsepower to coax the rear wheels into the party.

Unfortunately, not all performance car lovers are too well acquainted with the logistics of a satisfying drift as well as the basic vehicle dynamics one should know before hitting the track, so BMW's UK wing thought it wise to compile a mini series to teach us how its done.

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That way, when looking at the tires and finding they're in need of a shave, drivers can ensure they do so properly without having to make an embarrassing call to the insurance company. Using five separate videos, BMW UK covers the basics of understeer and oversteer, maintaining a controlled slide, finding the ideal racing line for the lowest lap times, driving smoothly by tying these skills together, and utilizing launch control correctly for drag strip proficiency. No matter how good a driver you think you are, you could probably use a bit of brushing up with the M Division's gorgeous allotment as the backdrop. Be sure to click the YouTube link to see the rest of the series.

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