BMW Leaks Images Of The Next M5 And We're Not Sure What To Think

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The new design turns the volume up, but not as high as expected.

The 2017 Geneva Motor Show is where the next BMW M5, based off of the newly released G30 5 Series, will be shown to the world. To anxious car fans the wait is similar to lying in bed awake on Christmas morning waiting to open gifts while the rest of the house sleeps. One kind soul at BMW decided to give us a bit of a teaser to keep our imaginations from straying to cooler cars unveiled during the wait. They leaked CAD images of the upcoming M5 to Cameron Vanderhorst, host of the automotive podcast "Cammed and Tubbed."

Aside from upgrades to the engine, chassis, suspension, and technology, BMW's M cars always feature more aggressive exterior styling to keep customers from wandering over to the AMG lot. In the leaked images seen here, we get an idea of what the front and rear of the M5 will look like. Typical of the M Division's current lineup, the rear stays the same with some minor upgrades that, while noticeable, don't immediately transform the luxury sedan into a menace. A fake rear diffuser is the dead giveaway, aside from the obvious M badges, but accompanying that is a larger chunk of real estate for the exhaust and vertical reflectors at the edges.

Up front, things get a bit more aggressive. Beneath the kidney grille, the bars separating the fog lamps from the intake vents switch from a U shape to a hexagonal profile, with the lamps axed in favor of additional cooling hardware. While it isn't shown in these leaked images, we'd expect the hood to gain some more character to show off the muscle underneath. The extra air vents are likely necessary to cool off whatever BMW ends up placing under the hood. A revised version of the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 from the current M5 is a possibility, although it's unclear as to whether it will make more than 600 horsepower when it hits the show floor next March in Geneva.

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