BMW Looks Back At The Revolutionary Aerodynamic Design Of The E36 3 Series

Before this it was the traditional three box design.

If you don’t like today’s streamlined and aerodynamic BMWs, then you can partially blame the third generation 3 Series, also known as the E36. Before this BMW followed what’s called the three box design. Yes, this was the classic BMW look we all love, but it wasn’t extremely aerodynamic. That all changed in 1990 when the E36 went on sale. Its design, both inside and out, was so advanced for its time that the car remained on sale until 2000.

In addition, the E36 featured a high-tech trip computer that’s considered the precursor to today’s iDrive. Many other new developments started with the E36, for better or worse. And now BMW takes a look back at the E36 with one of the individuals on its launch team.

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