BMW M Boss Does A Walkaround Of The New 2023 M2

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Frank van Meel is quite proud of his latest project.

BMW M has shared some new details and footage on the new M2, and who better to talk us through it than Frank van Meel, head of BMW M? Van Meel starts by telling us all what we know. "It's got an extroverted, bold, unique design."

Thankfully, the M boss has some technical insights to offer as well. Van Meel says the new M2's track is wider than the last and around 2.3 inches more than the new 2 Series. The BMW M boss also says the M2's distinct square intakes are, in fact, intakes and will help to cool the car's 460 horsepower inline six.

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It's clear getting air into the new M2's engine was a priority, which partially explains the size of the openings. That has long been the reason BMW has given for its new, larger kidney grilles. Under the hood, BMW also significantly reinforced the new M2's chassis, which is immediately apparent the first time you see the new car's engine.

Van Meel says many M-specific design cues are still there, despite BMW's most recent departure from design norms. For example, the brand's double-spoke mirrors are here. Sat just above those is an M2 first- a carbon roof.

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Out back, van Meel says the M2's new wider stance is especially noticeable, as is the car's new diffuser. It frames another M design cue - the quad tailpipes. These date back decades to vehicles like the E46 M3 and the E39 M5.

Inside, BMW focused on creating a driver-friendly interior with plenty of customization. That includes, apparently for the first time, M1 and M2 preset buttons on the M2's wheel and three preset drive modes - normal, sport, and track. The latter kills all of the driving nannies.

It sounds like van Meel has some idea how people are speccing their M2s as well, as he states the carbon buckets are the most popular of the three seat options. Van Meel ends on the typical company line, telling us M is the most powerful letter in the world, but at the very least, the video has us curious to get our hands on the new M2 when it arrives this year.

BMW/YouTube BMW/YouTube

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