BMW M CEO Talks About The Plan For Future M Cars

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Will the M division continue to be relevant?

The automotive industry is changing. Soon, internal combustion engines and cars that need a human driver may be things of the past. So where does this leave BMW's M division? Even BMW's hardcore division has made some concessions over the years by downsizing engines. We miss engines like the E60 M5's S85 V10, which was an absolute screamer. In an interview with /Drive, BMW M CEO, Frank van Meel, talks about where he thinks the M brand will be heading in the future, and how M has shaped history.

The most important thing to take away from this interview is that M cars should retain their character in the future. Even though the technology may change, BMW is devoted to making sure that its M models are fun to drive, and fast on both the track and the road.

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The guys from /Drive take an awesome trip to Germany where this interview was filmed. Mike Spinelli even gets access to a secret room at BMW which houses concept cars that never reached production. The episode of /Drive already aired on NBC Sports and featured amazing looks at a BMW M3 pickup, an M5 convertible, an M8, and even an M3 wagon. We highly recommend that you check out this episode if you are a fan of cool BMW cars.


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