BMW M CEO Tells Us All Of Its Cars Will Go Fully Electric One Day

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"It's just a question of when."

The all-new BMW M5 is one hell of a machine. It also just so happens to be the first BMW M car with standard all-wheel drive. But that's not the only change that's coming to the BMW M lineup. Speaking to the division's CEO here at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, Frank van Meel told us that "At the end of the day all cars will be electric. It's just a question of when, not if," van Meel said. "For us it helps a lot to have the i division as an incubator of electric mobility.

"We're in close contact with them because we're always looking for the next steps in technology, power density, batteries, weight. Because today still the state of weight of electrification is just too high for our philosophy of power to weight ratio and overall weight. We want to stick with our philosophy. Currently we don't see the solution, but in the future we do see solutions." In fact, BMW Group CEO Harald Krueger just announced last week that all BMW vehicles will be electric. "That includes both Rolls-Royce and BMW M. It's just a question of when," van Meel confirmed. We also brought up the subject of Tesla's Ludicrous Mode and how it's great in a straight line, but lacks the finesse of a track car.

That's just one area of electric mobility performance that's waiting to be unhatched, so to speak. "We're experimenting all the time," van Meel added. And so there you have it, coming from a guy who knows a thing or two not just about high-performance cars, but also the industry in general.

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