BMW M Cranks Up The Nostalgia For 50th Anniversary

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"We are M" celebrates the past, the present, and the future of the hallowed letter.

It's a big year for BMW fans and specifically the marque's famous M division. May 24 will be the 50th anniversary of the founding of BMW M GmbH, a division that has brought us icons such as the E30 BMW M3 and E39 M5. Today's M3 and M4 are far more polarizing but they're still racking up big sales numbers for the brand.

BMW started celebrating months ago with the reveal of a special anniversary logo, and now it has shared the We Are M campaign in an emotional video. It features numerous M models and their drivers huddling together, motivating each other, and generally celebrating some of the greatest cars ever made. BMW wants to remind its followers that despite how different one M car is from the next, or one person from the next, they are all linked by a passion for BMW M.


"We are proud of the roaring start to our anniversary year on 24 February," said Timo Resch, Head of Customer, Brand, Sales at BMW M GmbH. "The film 'Huddle Speech' is in the tradition of extraordinary films for BMW M, but is nevertheless different: it heralds our transformation. We are looking ahead, but continuing to create a feeling of home that defines the great BMW fanbase."

The video is a visual demonstration of just how much has changed at BMW M through the decades. From the M1 Procar to the controversial XM Concept, the brand's cars are as different to look at today as they are to drive - for better or worse.

Front View BMW

BMW says that its 50 Years campaign is divided into four chapters, with 'Huddle Speech' being the first. The next chapter will focus on M's motorsport history, the third hones in on electrification, and the final one is about the unique lifestyle that comes with the M brand.

BMW M promises to "present a host of spectacular new vehicles" during the course of the year. This will include the new M4 CSL which will be a more powerful and lighter version of the already quick M4; if it's anywhere near as good as the E46 M3 CSL, we're in for a treat. Besides that, the all-new M2 is also on the way and will replace what is perhaps the best modern M car. It's all building up to be a year to remember for BMW fans as that revered tri-color badge steps into a new era.

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