BMW M Demand Peaks In Time For 50th Anniversary

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Despite the controversial grille, the M3 and M4 were big sellers.

The BMW M3 and M4 were criticized for their aesthetics ever since they were officially revealed in 2020 but it looks like their market introduction has been very successful for the Bavarian brand's performance arm. With 2021 all wrapped up, it confirmed that 163,542 units were delivered to customers which reflects a 13 percent increase on the previous year.

While we don't have a breakdown of sales, BMW M confirms that this growth was spread equally between its ranges of performance cars and comes as a great sign ahead of its 50th anniversary year. It notes that the M3 and M4 got off to an extremely good start when they were introduced in spring last year and partially accredits its success to the fact that they can be opted for in different power outputs, transmissions, and drive systems, where the market allows.

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"The response to the new generation of the BMW M3 and BMW M4 has been simply overwhelming," reports Timo Resch, Vice President Customer, brand and sales at BMW M GmbH. "We can therefore expect demand for these iconic sports cars to continue on an upward curve in 2022." Another strong contributor to the division was the X5 M Competition which experienced an equally successful market launch in 2021.

As a wildcard, the BMW M440i Coupe proved to win several hearts. While not a fully-fledged M car, it still contributes to the sales pool because of the division's involvement in its development. Joining these in the charts was also the X3 M50i and X7 M50i.

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Looking forward to its 50th anniversary year, BMW M states that it is ready to continue its product offensive with a plethora of new and exciting products. These include the M240i xDrive Coupe, the first-ever M3 Touring, and a long-rumored CSL revival which will be a special edition model based on the M4 Coupe. Furthermore, it will be expanding its market appeal with its all-electric iX M60 which is set to follow in the tracks of the current i4 M50.

Production is also expected to begin for the BMW XM which will act as not only the most powerful M car to ever see a series run but also be the division's only dedicated model and spiritual successor to the M1. Using M hybrid technology mated to a twin-turbocharged V8, this example is set to deliver 750 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque.

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