BMW M Models Will Let Your iPhone Criticize Your Bad Driving

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Although if you're a good driver, it'll let you brag.

Part of the reason that the automotive community is so huge is that gearheads love to share the things they are passionate about like cars, carbon fiber, and beastly lap times. That's why an unlikely partnership has been formed between BMW and GoPro. The company behind the portable HD cameras that are responsible for most of the cool in-car and on-car camera shots you get on your favorite reviews teamed with BMW to include a camera that will make bragging about destroying tires on your M branded BMW that much easier.

The lap timer that comes on Mified bimmers is already a favorite of owners who actually use their cars on the track because it records just about everything. Weather conditions, lap time (obviously), altitude, top speed, average speed, G-Force, and more are all taken into account to give number nerds something to digest and allow bar arguments to be settled. Now the lap timer app will have the ability to control a GoPro camera mounted on the car and store the video on an iPhone (since BMW thinks Android users are too poor for its cars). While we see many BMW owners using it to show off, some of the more serious track fans may actually use it to see where they can improve their driving skills. Expect this app upgrade to come out starting in the summer of 2016.


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