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BMW M Performance Parts Concept Spruces & Lightens Up The M2

Goodwood Festival of Speed / 1 Comment

You can spec yours (almost) the same from the catalog, too

See this? Looks like a BMW M2, right? And it is. But it's not just any M2. Unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, BMW calls it the M Performance Parts Concept. It was built to showcase just how far customers can take its already sharply focused driving machines by speccing some extra components. The concept looks pretty slick, all decked out in matte black with pale gold trim. But as you might have guessed, there's more to this pocket rocket than its paint scheme (or wrap, as the case may be).

BMW fitted the M Performance Parts concept with an array of carbon-fiber components – including the hood, roof, trunk lid, and a smattering of aero kit. Combined, they not only look cool, but help optimize airflow and trim the vehicle's weight down. Replacing some of the bodywork with woven carbon, the concept weighs 60 kilograms (132 pounds) lighter than stock - and that can make a big difference to its performance figures. The hood alone accounts for eight kilos (nearly 18 pounds), and the roof another six (13 lbs). It even has a lighter battery to help trim another 14 kg (31 lbs). The matte gold alloys trim another six kg at each corner, coated in semi-slick rubber.

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A coilover suspension both drops the ride height by as much as 20 mm (0.78 inches) and offers 12 compression and 16 rebound stages to give you just the setup you need. The show car's interior has also been upgraded with its own smattering of carbon fiber trim, including the bucket seats that weigh nine kilos (nearly 20 lbs) less than the standard thrones. More pale gold trim carries the theme inside, and Alcantara gives the cockpit an entirely racier look and feel. The best part is that, while you might not find them all in the same gold tone as those fitted to the show car, most of these components can be ordered from the catalog. And the rest are coming soon.