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BMW M Performance Revealed For 3 New Models

M Performance

These new M Performance Parts could be just what you're looking for.

The pattern has grown familiar by now. An automaker reveals a new model, then releases a range of accessories for that vehicle. But BMW has just introduced a new range of new components for not one, not two, but three of its latest models, and each of them looks more aggressive as a result.

The new range of M Performance Parts has just been launched for the X1 crossover, the 3 Series Touring wagon, and the top-of-the-line 8 Series Gran Coupe. Since we get the distinct feeling you'll likely be more interested in the latter, that's where we'll start.

The M division is offering a choice of two 20-inch wheel designs, and 19-inch brakes to fill their cavities. It also has a smattering of carbon-fiber components inside and out for that added splash of racing style, a sportier steering wheel, variable LED door projectors, even special floor mats and key holders.

Small as it is, the new X1 can be fitted with wheels just as large as the 8 GC's, but where the big coupe's come in gold finishes, the little crossover's are (an arguably more suitable) matte black. The new X1 also gets its own M Performance steering wheel, wrapped in either leather or Alcantara.

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M-branded key fobs, floor mats, door projectors, and carbon-fiber trim pieces are available for BMW's smallest crossover as well.

Oh, and the 3 Series Touring wagon? Well, that's not available in the United States. But if you're curious, it can be upgraded with 18-inch wheels and accompanying enlarged brakes as well, along with its own Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel and a complete aero kit, including rear diffuser and spoiler, mirror caps, side sills, and a grille that lights up when you enter or exit the vehicle. Nice trick, but we'd be happy enough if BMW were to offer the underlying wagon here in the first place.