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BMW M Plotting All-New Model To Fight Mercedes-AMG

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Looks like the Mercedes-AMG GT is going to get some serious competition.

During a recent interview, BMW M confirmed it has no plans to answer enthusiast's prayers and build a dedicated supercar as a successor to the legendary M1. Why? Because according to the performance division, the new 625-hp M8 already fills that role. BMW considers it the company's flagship supercar, and even boldly claims it's a "Porsche Turbo killer."

However, this doesn't necessarily mean there won't ever be a new standalone BMW M car. In fact, BMW M boss Markus Flasch recently told Car Sales the performance division is investigating new standalone M car variants that don't already have a predecessor in contrast to cars such as the M3.

Flasch went on to say that the company has already decided which segment the new standalone model would fit in but didn't divulge any further details. Best of all, multiple standalone models could join the lineup alongside the M cars based on regular BMWs. Flasch confirmed that more than one concept is being considered.

According to Car Sales, Markus Flasch admitted studies about standalone M models are underway and he is believed to be the "driving force behind them." No other details are available as the project is still in an early stage, but a source close to M's agenda told the publication that multiple body styles are being analysed as well as a number of drivetrains from combustion engines to pure electric powertrains.

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Whatever form it takes, Flasch believes a new standalone M car would need to "fit our character, a combination of precision, agility and luxury," to warrant an M badge. "And we are not copying, we are doing it our own way."

Surprisingly, Flasch added a bespoke M model would "not necessarily" be the most expensive model in its line-up, implying that it could be cheaper than the M8. A standalone model would allow BMW M to compete against Mercedes-AMG's models such as the two- and four-door GT models. Just don't expect BMW M to make a supercar to take on the mighty AMG One.