BMW M Smashed Sales Records Last Year

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New and limited edition models led the charge.

Some automakers fared better than others while adapting to new realities brought on by the pandemic. Production shutdowns, supply lines disruptions, and maintaining relationships with customers were just some of the challenges. Luxury brands in particular managed to come through relatively unscathed, but one specific performance division managed to surpass 2019's already impressive worldwide deliveries total.

BMW M has announced total 2020 sales of 144,218 units, a 6 percent increase over 2019. Much of the credit goes to strong customer demand for the all-new BMW X5 M and X6 M, each with a total of 625 horsepower on tap. Equally impressive was strong demand for the limited M2 CS. In the high-performance model sector alone, meaning without the M Performance models, pure M models saw an increase in the number of worldwide deliveries by 4 percent vs. 2019.

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"The fact that we were able to conclude this exceptionally challenging year with yet a further record is great validation of our consistent growth strategy," said Markus Flasch, CEO of BMW M. "We can be particularly proud of the fact that we were able not only to defend our market dominance as the most successful provider of performance and high-performance automobiles, but also to have even expanded it."

Not surprisingly, the US was BMW M's best market once again, followed by China. New sales records were achieved in both nations. Russia and South Korea increased sales by more than 60 percent. Italy saw a 47 percent gain while the UK also improved, but an exact number was not provided.

2020-2021 BMW X5 M Dashboard BMW
2020-2021 BMW X5 M Engine BMW
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The bottom line is that BMW M saw steady and continued growth in all relevant markets last year. Bear in mind last year's sales did not include the all-new M3 and M4. Both were revealed last September and production won't get underway until this March. Continuing to look ahead, BMW M confirmed the M5 CS will debut this month and the new M4 Convertible will launch in time for summer. The M3 Touring is still in development and is expected to be a 2022 model, though it probably won't come to the US.

Later this year, BMW M's first electrically powered performance model will debut, details of which remain under lock and key.


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