BMW M2 And Porsche 718 Battle For Title Of Speediest And Most Fun

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Two Germans walk into a racetrack...

One never learns more about a country than when traveling through it and seeing the many faces of its culture. Sometimes, the polar opposite sides can get lost in translation and can only be found after a visit. However, as products of each respective culture, cars can be fairly good representatives of the different personalities of a region. Those who subscribe to archetypes of typical German values know that rigid organization and razor sharp precision are some of the culture's defining characteristics.

On the other hand, attendees to any recent local Oktoberfest celebrations know that Germans love to have a good time as well.

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That's why Autocar found it important to find out which region of Germany was the more organized and which liked to let loose and have a good time. Stuttgart and Bavaria are the two contenders in this round, submitting a BMW M2 and a Porsche 718 Cayman S to the competition. Both have manual gearboxes, both are rear-wheel drive, and both make horsepower figures in the mid 300s, but that doesn't mean they'll have similar drives. Not to mention that the Porsche has a four-cylinder sitting in the center of the car while the BMW has to manage having a six pot up front. We think you know which car will earn each respective title, but it's nevertheless fun to see how the process unfolds.

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