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BMW M2 Competition May Get Two Frozen Special Editions

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Hopefully, they don't play "Let It Go" through the stereo.

The BMW M2 Competition is already a special version of the M2, replacing the 365-horsepower N55 inline-six with a more powerful 405-hp S55 inline-six from the M3 and M4. Though the M2 Competition is already unique all on its own, BMW is rumored to be working on special edition models to further add to the car's uniqueness. In the past, BMW has been known to make Frozen special editions of its M models, and order sheets leaked on Bimmerpost show that the company may be working on two such editions for the M2 Competition.

No, this doesn't mean the cars run away and sing a song about letting go of their past while building a giant ice castle. It just means they'll be coated in matte paint. BMW fans were a bit upset that the M2 was never available with an Individual Paint option, so these two Frozen Editions will be welcomed additions to the lineup. The leaked order sheets outline the inclusion of a Frozen Sunset Orange color and a Frozen Dark Grey color. Sunset Orange is already an available color on the M2 Competition, but Dark Grey would be a completely new option.

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Both Frozen Editions are expected to come with Jet Black painted roofs instead of either body color or carbon fiber. We still don't know how much these cars will cost or if they will be available in every market. BMW has also left us in the dark regarding how many will be built, so we'll just have to wait and see.