BMW M2 CS Coming In 2025 With More Than 500 HP

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BMW is making the most of the time it has left with an unbridled gas engine.

Spy photographs captured on the roads around the Nurburgring have caught a test mule of a hotter take on the G87 2023 BMW M2 undergoing testing, and despite the comprehensive camouflage, it looks very special. The images appeared on Instagram and show the new M2 equipped with several cosmetic changes that start at the front with an aggressive splitter that appears even chunkier than that available as part of the M Performance suite of optional upgrades. Although not evident in these images, this development mule is reportedly wearing a vented hood too. But the back of the car is where the party really happens.


Here, we see a duckbill trunk lid that appears to be directly modeled on that seen on the special-edition M4 CSL. While the chunky splitter up front could mean that this is the M2 CS, this trunk lid suggests that we could be getting the long-rumored M2 CSL, marking the first time the nomenclature appears on the baby M car.

The nameplate points to reduced weight, and as the littlest M car on sale, it seems a perfect fit, especially since the CLAR platform that now underpins it means the M2 got a lot heavier for this generation. And according to BMW Blog, the M2 CS/CSL will be just as potent as the current M4 Competition, if not more. The publication speculates that anything from 500-520 horsepower could be in the offing, which would make the M2 quite a fiery beast.


Inside, the cabin is expected to be fitted with carbon bucket seats as standard, and more carbon fiber-reinforced plastic and Alcantara accents will surely be thrown in elsewhere to make the cockpit a little more special. We may even get some iconic colors for this special edition.

Speaking with BMW M's head of sales and marketing, Timo Resch, a separate report from BMW Blog reveals that the M2 is expected to expand its range of finishes and "maybe within these new colors, customers and fans might find some iconic colors as well." Isle of Man Green would make a fine addition, in our opinion.


Interestingly, BMW said last month that it was not planning to produce a Competition version of the M2. Perhaps this was the reason. As the last rear-driven, hybrid-free, manual transmission M car, the M2 is already pretty special, but this development mule proves that BMW wants to give unassisted gas-powered M cars a proper send-off to remember.

Unfortunately, it seems that a manual transmission will not be offered. On the one hand, that means less engagement. But on the other, the S58 twin-turbo is arguably better matched to the shorter ratios of the ZF eight-speed automatic, and with the amount of power this thing is rumored to get, keeping both hands on the wheel may be for the best. The regular M2 already makes more power than claimed, so giving it even more ponies and less weight is a truly exciting proposition.

The launch of this special M2 is rumored to take place in 2025.


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