BMW M2 CS Coming In 2025 With No Manual Transmission

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Pour one out for enthusiasts' hopes and dreams.

We have bad news: the second-generation BMW M2 CS will not feature a manual transmission like its epic predecessor. The information was revealed via a forum entry on BimmerPost from a reliable source, ynguldyn, and it also includes the news that the special edition will enter production in August 2025. The car will only be manufactured for a single year, just like all past CS models, ending production in July 2026.

That it will only enter production in 2025 means that the special edition will arrive after the G87 BMW M2 gets its mid-cycle refresh, just as was the case with the F87.

We are also told to expect the wheels from the M3 CS/M4 CSL, a carbon fiber roof, bucket seats, and an Alcantara-trimmed steering wheel as standard.

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There's also the potential for the M2 special edition to be known as a CSL, as recent spy shots have shown the same sort of upturned duckbill spoiler as the G82 CSL, but we'll have to wait and see. BMW has considered an M2 CSL in the past and even built a prototype based on the F87, so anything is possible.

Under the hood, we can expect the 3.0-liter twin-turbo S58 straight-six to generate over 500 horsepower, eclipsing the current M4. To avoid stepping on that car's toes, the Competition variant will become the standard model. This has already started to take effect with other BMW M models, like the M8, X5 M, and X6 M.

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2020 BMW M2 CS Forward Vision
2020 BMW M2 CS Rear Angle View
2020 BMW M2 CS Lateral View

While we know that the S58 is better suited to the shorter ratios of the eight-speed automatic, it's still tragic to think that the smallest and sharpest of the M range will not benefit from three pedals. Those with the F87 CS must be salivating at this news; a CS appeared for sale back in June last year, and despite being daily driven, it still fetched six figures. Now that the F87 will become known as the one and only manual M2 CS, its value will soar.

Are we wrong to despise the exclusion of a stick, knowing that sales will be hot anyway? Let us know your thoughts.

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