BMW M2 CS Is An M4-Killer In The Making

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If it wasn't available in such limited numbers, it'd completely cannibalize the M4 Competition.'

Just after receiving the news that BMW could bring the long-awaiting M2 CS to market with a 450 horsepower engine and a host of upgrades aimed at lightening the car so that it's more race track-friendly, our spy photographers have caught a glimpse of the car out in public. BMW's test drivers and the camouflaged M2 CS test mule happened to be at the Nurburgring of all places, a crucial proving ground for a limited-run car meant to highlight the top end of what the current-generation 2 Series is capable of.

Even though this car wears more camouflage than the previous mules we've spotted, this tester is further along in the development process. The extra cover-up, as it seems, is actually there to hide new upgrades on the body.

Making an appearance are some of the upgrades we heard about in the M2 CS' previous leak: a carbon fiber hood with a large bulge to let the competition know who's boss, a carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber mirror caps, and a rear carbon Gurney flap. Even the rear end looks like it has a formidable rear diffuser to help the car better manage its aerodynamic profile.

Further proof that BMW has no care in the world about cannibalizing its own beloved M3 and M4 are rumors that all the fancy bodywork will only serve to further enhance the output of the M4's S55 twin-turbo inline-six engine the M2 CS is slated to adopt. With an alleged 450 horsepower going to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual or an optional seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission, the M2 CS could very well come with the sort of punch it needs to dethrone even the M4 Competition.

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Even the suspension is a supposed upgrade since the Adaptive M Suspension not only saves weight but extends the M2 CS' range of use off the track. If it wasn't for the supposed 2,200 unit production cap, the M2 CS would easily render the M4 Competition useless by the time it makes a splash at the 2020 Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

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