BMW M2 M Performance Parts Revealed With Wild Carbon Fiber Aero

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BMW isn't messing around with the new M2.

UPDATE: BMW has confirmed that the wheels pictured in the first slide below are in fact center-locking wheels. It says these are a prototype. "The wheel pictured does indeed feature a center locking hub. However, the wheel is still under development, and we don't really know if and/or when it would be released or if that picture even represents the final design."

Earlier this month, BMW unveiled the new awkwardly styled M2. A few days after that, the German brand introduced the M Performance parts available for it. The parts add a lot of visual presence to the car.

The initial release did not include too many details, but now we have some more information to share.

Initially, it was theorized that the new BMW M2 would get center-lock wheels. We can't say for sure whether this is a possibility, given the wheels pictured below. They appear to be center-locking, and we've reached out to BMW for confirmation.

For now, know that the rest of the BMW M2 M Performance parts catalog focuses on four areas: aerodynamics, powertrain, chassis, and cockpit.


Let's start with aerodynamics. The parts for the front of the car are full carbon, while the sides and rear are made from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. BMW has created a new front splitter and air intake trim, including the endplates you see below.

You can also have carbon mirror caps. A new tow strap and antenna cover can be ordered too. At the back, a new roof spoiler and wing complement two new diffusers, each dependent on your choice of exhaust.

One is made for the stock exhaust, and another is for BMW's M Performance titanium exhaust. The new material drops 17 pounds from the car while delivering "racing-car acoustics." Don't worry, though, as the exhaust is still valved for life's more serene moments.


The tips of the new exhaust system are also made from titanium and have a ceramic coating to keep them looking racy. If that's not boy-racer enough, carbon fiber tips are on offer. Like the stock car, the valves can be adjusted via the M Setup menu.

A totally new suspension system is the most meaningful of these M Performance parts (short of those wheels). That's huge, and from the factory to boot. Thanks to height-adjustable spring cups at the front and rear axle, the car's height can be dropped by up to 0.4 inches. BMW says the system isn't too harsh and can be used on-track and on-road. We know which way this setup will lean, of course.

Four M Performance wheels are available, measuring 20 inches in diameter up front and 21 inches out back. All can be ordered in either M Frozen Gold Bronze or M Jet Black matte finishes. They even come with tire bags.


Finally, that leaves the interior, which now has more red and blue in it than the Star Spangled Banner.

Interior trim panels can be had in carbon fiber and Alcantara, and BMW will also offer knee pads in the latter material. M Performance badging can be found on the former in brushed aluminum. An armrest made from Alcantara with M Performance badging is available as well.

Cars with M Sport seats can have M Performance backrest covers in carbon and, yes, more Alcantara. The same can be said for the headrests, with (you guessed it) more M Performance badging. A new M Performance steering wheel has larger thumb rests at 9- and 3-o'clock, trimmed in Alcantara. The rest of the wheel is leather with M stitching and a center marker. You can have carbon fiber trim, too, if you'd like. If you order one with the carbon, it'll come with another M Performance badge.


We tried to count the number of M Performance badges mentioned by BMW but lost count.

The big news here is whether or not the M2 gets center-lock wheels. Those require a significant mechanical change on the car, and it would be a huge step up for M Performance to offer something so drastic as this. However, earlier reports say they could be a simple retrofit.

To our knowledge, center locks require, at the very least, a new hub. Due to the new hub, BMW might even have to fit different end links and other associated suspension componentry. For now, we await BMW's response.


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