BMW M235i Racing is Downright Awesome

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Looks great, but it doesn't come cheap.

A few days ago BMW Motorsport released a teaser video for its upcoming M235i Racing, and we suddenly had the urge to take it for a spin around the track. Set to be available to privateer BMW teams later in 2014, the new M235i Racing is designed to compete in entry-level racing and is fully qualified to take part in events like the Nurburgring 24 Hours.

BMW equipped the car with such motorsport driving aids like ABS, DSC, traction control, and a mechanical limited-slip differential. Power comes from turbocharged straight-six with 333 horsepower. Other cool bits include a racing exhaust and catalytic converters, a unique steering wheel with paddle shifters as well as a six-point racing harness. It's definitely going to be one sweet ride and the street legal version, the M235i, will be appearing in dealers shortly. There's only one major downside to BMW's newest privateer racer: it costs 59,500 Euros, not including VAT. Yes, Europe has that lovely Value Added Tax.

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