BMW M3 Burns Lots of Rubber for Some Epic Drifting

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Although this E36 M3 is more than 20 years old, it can still burn plenty of rubber.

When launched in 1992, the E36 BMW M3 was only the second-gen of the now beloved high-performance Bimmer. It was also in this generation that BMW began to offer the M3 as a sedan as well as a coupe. While subsequent M3s have become more powerful and luxurious over the years, the E36 is still regarded by many as one of the best-handling cars of the Nineties. As such, its popularity with track enthusiasts has remained strong. HP Motorsport has modified this particular E36 M3 with a turbocharger for a total output of 650 horsepower.

And yes, it can drift like hell when piloted by an experienced driver. We could watch classic M3s like this one burn rubber all day long.

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