BMW M3 by Precision Sport Industries

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G-Power supercharger and 20-inch wheels coupled with an Akrapovic exhaust transform the M3 Coupe to a 600-horsepower beast.

Florida-based tuning house Precision Sport Industries has revealed its latest project based on the M3 Coupe, which is made up of a range of quality parts from the likes of G-Power, Eibach and Akrapovic. At the heart of the aftermarket package is a G-Power SKII CS supercharger kit that raises output by 180 horsepower to 600. G-Power also supplied a set of 20-inch Silverstone wheels, which come better supported thanks to suspension components in the form of Eibach Race Springs.

Rounding off the transformation is an Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system that gives the M3 a sweeter engine note, VEI Gauges (for AFR, boost and water temperature,), a 3D Design gauge pod, and custom painted end tanks that match the G-Power manifold. Pictures courtesy of Garrett Wade Photography.

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